About company

Luazon.com create and produce goods special for you.


We supply goods from China and other countries for already 15 years.
We’ve arranged a big system of staff, warehouses, show rooms and delivery system. We are aware of market news and features. All the best manufacturers are in our contact list.
We arrange delivery using well-known delivery companies or with our own transport system.
We also offer custom clearance.
We arrange the divery to any place you need. The price is announced upon the closing of a deal.

In-house manufacture

Thanks to in-house production we produce up to 2 000 novelties monthly.
We strive forward to know all the trends and customer’s requires.
We sell our own products and avoid working with agents or mediators.
In China you can find tons of shops reselling goods. Unfortunately usually it is a low-quality good at high price.

Worldwide Coverage

We speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and other languages. Thanks that we serve customers all around the world.
We offer you assistance in opening your own shop and providing goods for sale from Luazon.

Customer service

We accept any payment method and currency.
We are in touch 24/7.
15 years
of work supplying goods.
4 000
is the number of our staff working in the company. Sales managers, buying managers, translators, designers, logistics specialists, and others.
We are in touch 24/ 7.
2 000
novelties with brand new design per month;
200 000
are available in stock in China. Most of them you can see on our web with bulk price.
> 60 000
manufacturers are in our contact list. We also have a black list of unfair suppliers.
Welcome to our show room near the Futain market, Yiwu, China
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